Cremation- What Happens at a Cremation?

Cremation – What happens at the funeral ?

The cortege will arrive at the agreed address at the time given to you on your confirmation letter (please allow us a couple of minutes either side of this time for variations in the volume of traffic). Your Funeral Director will greet you at your door, and escort you and your family to the limousine(s). Once everyone is seated, the Funeral Director will walk the cortege away from the house before getting in to the hearse and travelling to the place of service.

If the service prior to cremation takes place in a church, on arrival, the Funeral Director will first go and speak with the  minister, so please remain seated in the limousine at this point.  The Funeral Director will then assist you out of the limousine when everything is ready.

The coffin will be taken in to the church and you will be asked to follow behind. Once inside the Funeral Director will guide you to your seats.  At the end of the service, the coffin will be taken out of church and placed on to the hearse to go to the Crematorium. You will be asked to lead the mourners out of church, behind the coffin.

At the crematorium, the coffin is taken in to the chapel, and placed on the catafalque.  Again, you will be invited to follow behind the coffin, and the Funeral Director will show you to your seats.  After the service, the Funeral Director will lead you to the courtyard to look at the flowers. The main family flowers are usually placed on top of the coffin and will stay there until the chapel is empty at which point the Funeral Director will collect them and bring them to the terrace. If you wish your flowers to stay with the coffin for the please inform us.

Following the committal service at the crematorium, the limousine(s) will take you back to an address of your choice, or to a reception venue. Please advise us of the return destination prior to the day of the funeral to ensure our chauffeurs can be instructed accordingly

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