Pre Paid Funeral Plans & Funeral Planning

Funeral Plans are gaining in popularity as people become more open about funerals and willing to talk about the options available.  However, some people wish to pay for the funeral in advance, whereas other people would simply like their wishes recorded and kept somewhere safe.

Whatever reason for your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us or drop in to our Sutton Coldfield funeral home. All our pre payment funeral plans are provided by regulated members of the Funeral Planning Authority – notably Perfect Choice Funeral Plans and Golden Charter Funeral Plans.


Our prepaid funeral plans are split into 2 categories, ‘Green’ and ‘Perfect Choice’.  Click on either button below to learn more about them.


Green Funeral Pre-paid plans

As with our ‘at need’ funerals, with our pre paid plans we like to start with a blank page. Then together we talk and we help you to find the best way for you you to say goodbye. Such an important rite of passage should be personal, and we are here to guide and support you.

A pre paid plan (and indeed, our “Personal Wishes” pre-arrangement plans) lifts the burden of making funeral arrangments, to truly reflect the life lived,  at the time of  great emotion, from the family.  Our Funeral Plans, like our funerals, offer a unique, bespoke service which is truly personal to the family in question.

For some people the choice os coffin is important.  TV has highlighted the beauty of a woven bamboo or wicker coffin through a serious of high profile funerals in recent years. Or maybe a simple cardboard coffin is what you would prefer – which could be decorated by your friends and family.

For others it is the woodland burial which is most significant.  With grave space in traditional cemeteries being at a premium and in limited supply, it can be seen as the most sensible option.  Being at one with nature and in beautiful surroundings, it still gives family the opportunity to “visit” once in a while but removes the duty of maintaining a traditional grave and memorial.

Occasionally, families want to be very ‘hands-on’ and may wish to transport the coffin to the funeral in their own vehicle or assist with carrying and lowering the coffin. Others might want no funeral or mourning dress. Others might want a combination.

The important thing to us is that you get the funeral you want. For more information on our bespoke pre-paid Funeral Plans or Personal Wishes pre arrangement plans, then please contact us.

At Daniel Ross Funerals, Walmley, we pride ourselves on providing a memorable, distinguished funeral which doesn’t have to be based on expenditure. Often it is the attention to the smallest details that truly personalise.  When it comes to environmentally friendly funerals, we are proud to be members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors (AGFD) and to be on the Natural Death Centre’s list of Funeral Directors (the only one in Sutton Coldfield).

Perfect Choice Pre Paid Funeral Plans

At Daniel Ross Funerals we offer Perfect Choice Funeral Plans as they can only be arranged by Funeral Directors who are accredited by the National Association of Funeral Directors, and they are regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.  It is a plan designed by Funeral Directors, so it is entirely flexible to ensure you have full control over how you would like to be remembered.

Your funeral plan guarantees to pay for your agreed Funeral Directors costs, no matter how long you live, or what happens to the economy in the future. You can pay for your funeral in a lump sum, or in installments.

Click here to download the Daniel Ross Perfect Choice leaflet. This is in Adobe Reader PDF format. If you do not have this software it can be freely downloaded from here.

For further information, please telephone us on  0121 313 0054 or  email us.

“Personal Wishes” Pre Planning

Some people have difficulty making their wishes known to their loved ones, others want to seek advice and assistance from a Funeral Director before the funeral is needed but do not require a pre-paid arrangement. You may know about the personal wishes of your loved one regarding what they would like at their funeral and wish to record their wishes whilst emotionally able.

Funeral wishes are often included in Wills, but this is not always appropriate as the content of the Will is sometimes not known until after the funeral has taken place.

Whatever the circumstances, if you know how you would like the funeral to occur and want to record your “Personal Wishes” with Daniel Ross Funerals, for future plans, then please contact us.

We can provide relevant documentation to ensure a record of your “Personal Wishes” is kept at our Eachelhurst Road, Sutton Coldfield funeral home. Additional copies can be made for your records.

No payment towards the funeral is needed until the funeral is needed. Once your wishes are recorded with us all you need to do is let your next of kin or executor know.

Your wishes can be added to and changed by you at anytime, without penalty.

There is no obligation with this arrangement, and it is a service provided free of charge, for your peace of mind.

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